Virtual Answering Compliance


AnswerLinks understands the cost and resource challenges facing companies today. We have recently upgraded our technologies and can offer comprehensive and affordable solutions based on Startel technology. One of the many benefits of this state of the art technology is the sound quality of your calls.  It will be crystal clear, making your clients feel like they are talking to someone who is in the very next room.

AnswerLinks is 100% HIPAA compliant. We respect and protect your privacy by maintaining a totally secure environment. Your messages are secured and encrypted. The encryption technology used to secure confidential information is the latest 256 bit AES encryption and is accessible only to authorized end-users.

We employ a secure messaging application that makes it the ideal text messaging solution for healthcare environments. Secure messages sent on your smartphone or tablet remain encrypted during transit. Additionally, secure messages received on your smartphone or tablet remain on your device until you choose to delete them. This is especially convenient if you need to access a message but are not in a Wi-Fi or Internet enabled environment.

Users are notified when a message they sent has been received, opened and/or read by the intended recipient. All activity between the contact center and each device is tracked (with time stamps) and can be reported and archived at any time.

Why is AnswerLinks the right choice for Healthcare organizations?

AnswerLinks provides the necessary administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to help healthcare organizations meet HIPAA requirements. These features, including role-based access controls, password authentication, encryption of data transmissions, audit trails of communications, and many more features are all included in Startel’s solutions and developed to safeguard patient health information.